How do royalties work on CNFT?

With the introduction of royalties on CNFT, It gives creators the chance to earn some passive income on future sales to improve their projects.

If your project follows the 777 standard then there is no need to do anything as the royalties will automatically flow into the wallet address you set when minting. 

If you're looking to add royalties to your project, either submit a ticket to support or message a member of the CNFT team on Discord.

An example of how the fees work on CNFT with royalties:

NFT sale price: 100ADA

Project royalties percentage: 2.5% (1 ADA minimum Royalty)

CNFT marketplace fee: 2.5% (1 ADA minimum fee)

100 ADA - 2.5 ADA - 2.5 ADA = 95 ADA

The average project royalty percentage is between 2-5%. 

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