What wallets are supported?


Last Update 2 years ago

Currently, the only wallets we support are NamiEternlFlint, TyphonGero Wallet, Being or Nufi wallet. We may be adding more in the future but for now, ONLY send from one of the wallets listed above. 

Nami - A browser extension for any chrome-based browser. The main difference to current wallets is that Nami can be injected into the browser context and be connected to any website to interact with dApps (decentralized apps).

Eternl - A lightweight community wallet that gives you the option to request features via GitHub.

Flint - A lightweight browser extension with dApp integration. 

Gero Wallet - A browser extension for accessing Cardano-powered dApps in your browser.

Typhon - Blazing fast, feature-rich, secure, beautiful web and extension Cardano wallet.

Being - A lightweight browser extension with dApp integration

NuFi - A browser extension more geared towards hardware wallets with support for multiple cryptocurrencies


When a payment is sent from an exchange we do receive the payment but because we do not support it, the system will automatically return the funds to the address it came from, the way the exchange is built would mean it would be sent into the exchange internal wallets, they as far as we know do not link these wallets with your account.

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