How do I purchase ADA?

To fund your NFT buying needs you will first have to load up your wallet of choice with some ADA. This can be bought from any major exchange i.e Binance, Coinbase,, and more.

For example, on Binance you can purchase ADA with multiple different fiat currencies. You will then need to send that ADA to your wallet of choice. For this example, we will use Yoroi Wallet. You will need your ADA Withdraw wallet address on Binance and your receive wallet address on Yoroi. 

Once you have sent the ADA over you are ready to start buying NFTs.

Check out our guides for Binance and Coinbase in the links below. 

You must use a Cardano Shelley era wallet i.e Eternl, Flint, Gero or Nami, after you purchased ADA to link your wallet to your CNFT account. DO NOT SEND FUNDS FROM AN EXCHANGE TO CNFT!

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