With the CNFT platform growing bigger and bigger each day we are excited to add the $CNFT token into that ecosystem.

Benefits of holding the $CNFT token:

    Early Access to NFT Sales 

    Future Drops

If you would like to know more about what we have planned for the $CNFT token you can do so by going to the Betadex section of our website and downloading our yellow paper. There you will be able to see what we have planned for the future of the token and also what we have in the pipelines for the rest of the platform.

The $CNFT token is not yet available on any DEX or CEX. Therefore it is stored like an NFT in a wallet. If you go to pool.pm and insert the wallet address attached to your account you will be able to see your $CNFT tokens there. Until it is listed on an exchange you won't be able to sell any nor can you transfer it back to ADA. 

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