How do I set up my Typhon wallet for CNFT.IO?

Last Update há 2 anos

To get started with setting up your Typhon wallet with CNFT.IO you need to install the browser extension from

Give your wallet a name and write down your seed phrase and password somewhere safe.

First, you need to set collateral. You can do this by heading to the 3 dots in the top right. The minimum amount to set is 5ADA.

Then head over to your CNFT.IO and navigate to the wallet linking section In the top right-hand corner and select Typhon wallet.

Sign the transaction to link your Typhon wallet.

Now you're ready to start using CNFT.IO with Typhon wallet! 

If Typhon wallet is not the right wallet for you, we also have guides for all wallets CNFT.IO supports :)

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