How do I buy a Smart Contract asset?

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Smart contracts have made it easier for users to buy assets in no time at all. This guide will be a step-by-step process on how to identify a Smart Contract asset and how to buy it.

1. Head over to the marketplace and find an asset you would like to buy.

2. Select the asset you’d like to buy. Check the asset details are correct and that the policy ID matches the one on their social media. Currently, the Smart Contract wallets we support are Typhon, NamiEternlFlint and Gero wallet

3. A transaction box will appear for you to sign. Check the price is correct and enter your wallet password. The price will be slightly above the purchase price including the Smart Contract fees. 

Disclaimer: When the network is congested, transactions can take longer to process. Please bear this in mind before contacting support about not receiving your asset. 

4. You will see a notification after purchasing confirming the transaction has been submitted to the blockchain. 

Once the transaction has gone through you will be notified in the notification centre.

There you have it. Head over to your wallet to see the asset you have bought. 

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