Smart Contract Fees

With the introduction of Smart Contracts to the Cardano blockchain, transactions have become faster and easier than ever. Currently, the only wallets you can use to make smart contracts listings are Nami, Flint or Eternl. Along with these new features comes a few extra fees from the network. These include:

Sellers ListingSellers DelistingBuyer Purchase
~ 0.2ADA = network fee~ 1.05ADA = SC network fee~ 1.05ADA = Network Fee
~ 1.85ADA = Bond*~ 1.85ADA = Bond returned to the seller~ 1.85ADA = Bond returned to the seller
~ 2.05ADA = Total~ 0.80ADA = Total returned ADA

* Bond: This is a minimum amount of ADA that has to be included in any transaction depending on its size and parameters. It is not a fee charged by CNFT and it is returned to the seller when the item is sold or unlisted.

A small amount of ADA is required for collateral on smart contract transactions. More information about this can be found in the article below. 

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