Minting FAQs

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Q: How do I apply to mint?

A: You can apply through this form.

Q: Can we mint Fungible Tokens?

A: Currently we don't allow the minting of Fungible tokens but it is something we are looking to add in the future.

Q: What are the benefits of using Explosif over NMKR?

A: We offer a bespoke service. Unlike NMKR all our applications are checked by the team to make sure your mint goes smoothly. We are also on hand to make the drop exactly how you want it. We also offer some marketing to help your project get up and running. 

Q: Which blockchain do you mint on?

A: Cardano

Q: Do you set Royalties?

A: Yes. We can set royalties from the off with CIP-27 and the 777 token. Alternatively, If you're unsure if you want to add royalties from day 1, we can add them at a later date.

Q: How many NFTs can I mint?

A: Depends on the project and how they want to set their rules. All rules will be made clear before each mint goes live.

Q: Is there a mint expiry date?

A: This is completely up to the project.

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