How do I get my PolicyIDs verified on CNFT.IO?

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We are excited more than ever to get as many projects on CNFT.IO verified. As the NFT space continues to grow, plagiarism and scams become more common. Verification is vital to project creators, collectors and new users of the NFT space. For creators to increase sales and popularity in the community and for collectors and new users to not be scammed. There are certain aspects that go into being verified on CNFT.IO which go as follows:


Your project needs to be authentic and not a plagiarised version of any project on any other blockchain. We want independent artists and projects to be able to express their work in this new world. Any projects that match existing projects on CNFT.IO will not be verified and could be banned from the site.


You need to show that you’re active on your social media platforms and engaging with the community to ensure they get the best experience possible. Lack of communication and engagement may lead to your project not being verified.

Roadmap / Utility

Easier said than done, but most CNFT projects have some form of utility/roadmap it has published, for example, you could have a simple roadmap outlining new drops or you could have an extensive roadmap with detailed milestones you aim to achieve. As this is such a new space in the grand scheme of things we understand more than most, building on Cardano is difficult but we’d like to see strides forward which will increase innovation in this space.

Basic Verification

As with any verification process, there are some project traits that will not be accepted. These include:

- Full Nudity or Pornography [NSFW is allowed, but please toggle this when creating your project]

- Bigotry or Discrimination

- Plagiarised Artwork

- Information that is misleading

- Rug Pull or Scam Project [Suspected]

- Disengagement with the community

If you think your project meets these criteria, here are the steps to get verified:

- Create a project page 

- Contact support on Twitter, Discord or by raising a ticket on our Knowledge base with a link to your project page.

- We will review all information we have on your project and determine whether you should be verified.

(If you're looking to add royalties, please include your royalties address and percentage in the same message)

Please be aware that if we do not verify your project, this does not mean we won't verify you in the future.

Your project can be unverified at any time, so please ensure you stay within the rules. If you think we have made the wrong decision, please reach out to our support team who are on hand to assist and can raise the case further. We want to make this an easy and seamless process for projects, but as a marketplace, we need to ensure we protect our users.

Please note, if a project is marked as ‘unknown’ this just means we don’t have the data for the project. You should encourage any project you are involved with to create a project page on CNFT.IO - Always ‘DYOR’ [Do your own research], visit social media channels, and website and double-check that the policy ID matches with the published version.

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