How do $CNFT Rewards work?

Last Update há 2 anos

Earn $CNFT for every NFT you buy or sell. When you trade on our marketplace we reward you. We will reward you with 5% if you buy or sell an NFT on our marketplace, for example, if you sell an asset for 100 ADA, we will reward you with 5 $CNFT tokens and the buyer will receive 5 $CNFT tokens! 

The rewards will be paid out to your wallet via a 'Claim' button on your dashboard and at the bottom of this page, we track rewards by adding an "activity" token to the transaction you make. We then take the activity tokens and exchange them for $CNFT tokens. You can use $CNFT tokens to boost your listing and improve your chances of a successful sale.

You can buy and sell $CNFT tokens on Cardano-based DEXs.

*Rewards will be paid out on assets that are transacted via the new Smart Contract. Listings made before the V3 SC launch will not receive rewards, check the listing data for more information or check what Smart Contract Version.

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